Friday, June 1, 2012

Top 5 Crushes of My Childhood Countdown

Oh the 80's.
Those warm summer days spent camping fishing studying women was always a delightful boyhood past time that me and my buds could never refuse. And why not? Women are beautiful creatures of God. Not an obsession, or anything trivial.. but just, so gorgeous. So I say to all the women of the world: Own it.

I thought it would be wonderful to take a look back into my childhood at the wonderful ladies who gave me my first real bone appreciation for the feminine mystique.

Tip o' the hat to you my ladies:

To be 13 all over again. At the beginning of my teenage voyage, and at a time where I was SO over Jodie Sweetin from "Full House", along comes Cindy Crawford. I was always left wondering why MTV didn't give her more screentime.

Not everbody has a body like Cindy Crawford.. that's why everybody wants that body. Makes perfect sense to me.

#4 KRISTY MCNICHOL [basically, 1982-1986]
Who once was a bad, bad girl playing the role of 'Angel' in the movie "Little Darlings" turned out to be a maiden princess in the "Pirate Movie", this tomboy with an adorable face always had me on stun.

She just purrrs with adorability..

#3 TAWNY KITAEN [late 1980s]
So this lady proved to be a handful, but aren't all the pretty ones? This Whitesnake video clearly shows..

handful or not, she's still a fox.. which is a perfect lead into #2..

#2 SAMANTHA FOX [1986-1988]
NAUGHTY GIRLS NEED LOVE TOO. And so did a 10 year old ME.
This crazy Brit had it all, and I wanted more. Too bad her music sucked, and so went her exposure with MTV on the way out.

of course you could Google pics of her Playboy career, but this is a family show..

#1 OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN [always..]
Surprised? Don't be. This Aussie had my heart for a decade and is still stunning to this very day. Her sweet, sultry looks were the perfect balance that had me head over heels.


None of these women can touch the beauty I have found in my own lady.. But I do find it strange that I married a blue-eyed blonde who has many striking features from the ladies mentioned above..
always had a thing for blondes...

love and light,

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